Guinea Pigs Planet


                                                      Guinea Pig Fact

1. Guinea pigs were first brought to the United States about 100 years ago.

2. Guinea pigs can live for up to seven years.
3. Guinea pigs need to be kept warm in the winter.
4. If you put two male or two female adult guinea pigs together who don't know each,they may fight.
5. Guinea pigs can be very timid and can get upset if you hold them a lot before they are used to it.
6. Guinea pigs need lots of vitamin c, which they get from green leaves and vegetables.
7. You can make an indoor exercise area for your guinea pigs. In the summer they can use a fenced area on the grass.
8. The cage will need to be thoroughly cleaned at least four times a year.
9. A hardwood 
gnawing block will give your guinea pig something  to gnaw on and stop its teeth getting too long.
10. One way that guinea pigs communicate is through a high pitched squeal.
 11.  An Abyssinian guinea pig’s hair grows in rosette patterns.
12. Guinea pigs usually weigh about 24-32 ounces
13. Guinea pigs have difficulty in judging heights, so you should never leave a pet guinea pig alone in a high place such as on a table, etc.
14. The origin of the guinea pig i
s South America.